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Advanced Driving Courses

Welcome to Time Driving School!

We are the hub of learning the advanced driving techniques & safety features. So, if you truly wish to uplift your driving skills, complete your advanced driving course with us. On the successful completion of the course, you will be given a certificate, which can be presented to your insurance company for re-evaluation of your profile for cheaper insurance and can also be used at various other significant places.

 Why go for joining the Advanced driving course?

Passing the advanced driving course means boosting your confidence and improving your knowledge of tackling other motors on the road. The advanced courses fill the drivers with the zeal, skill and confidence to drive in more challenging environments such adverse weather conditions, night, busy traffic and so on. People who have passed the advanced driving course are typically considered the safer drivers by the insurance companies and it can also help them reevaluate your profile to save money on your car insurance policy.

 The Vision & Mission of Time Driving School.

We aim to provide advanced driving training to the licensed drivers to hone their awareness and advance their road skills. We assess each driver individually and help them perfect their personal areas of improvements producing a more confident and skilled driver.

All our advanced driving courses are conducted in a calm, controlled and relaxed way in order to encourage the interaction and involvement of the participants. We definitely do not focus on driving fast and dangerously! We believe in making you the safe and standard drivers so that you may master all types of car models confidently without breaking the law or road rules.